Viking is proud to have a Panel department boasting 120+ years of trading experience. Our longstanding relationships with mills, and our contractual commitments, keep us current with dependable market information and allow us to be a consistent value to our customers.

We specialize in Oriented Strand Board, Domestic Southern Pine, as well as Douglas Fir and Imported plywood. We trade all grades including Agency Cert, Rated Sheathing, Underlayments, Sidings, and Sanded Panels. We also trade off grade panels including mill cert, culls, shop/reject and blows.

Oriented Strand Board

OSB, Oriented Strand Board, in an engineered wood panel used for structural and many other industrial applications.

OSB is made of layers of wood strands oriented in different layers, combined with resin compounds to form a mat. The mat is then pressed together with heated platen presses to form a panel.

OSB typically comes in a panel that is 4’ wide by 8’ long. 9’ and 10’ lengths are available to be used as wall sheathing for today’s taller ceilings. The thickness of OSB comes in standardized sizes ranging from ¼” to 1-⅛”. OSB as a structural panel has their strength capabilities verified and stamped by third party-certification. Other structural uses for OSB include rim board, stair treads and as a component in I-joists.

Southern Pine Plywood

Southern Pine Plywood is a manufactured wood panel made by gluing together plywood veneers.

Dimensions typically are 4 Feet wide and 8 feet long, similar to OSB. Common thicknesses range from 15/32” to 23/32”, but the number of plies depends on the thickness and grade of the sheet. Applications include floors, roofing, walls, wind brace, fencing and furniture.

Doug Fir Plywood

Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest, Doug Fir Plywood is a softwood plywood with various grades and properties unique to specific end uses.

Generally, the plies are laid with glue in between in odd numbers. The even numbered layers run perpendicular across the width while the odd numbered layers run vertically. Applications range from boat construction to subflooring in home construction.

Import Plywood

Plywood is imported into the United States from manufacturers across the globe for structural and non-structural uses.

Both hardwood and softwood wood species are used in the manufacturing processes of import plywood. Species used is typically contingent upon application. Many of the characteristics of Southern Pine Plywood noted above can be applied to Import Plywood as well in terms of size and thickness and its intended uses.

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Panels

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) panels are often used in noncombustible applications ranging from subfloor, roof sheathing, wall sheathing, FRB fire & weather-restrictive barrier, overlayment to replace poured toppings, sound reduction and more. 

These panels are resistant to fire, water, freeze/thaw, mold, insects, and warping.  Various application-specific listings & certifications are available (ICC, UL & QAI).  All applications are to be reviewed and approved by design professionals.

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